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Hilly landscape at dawn

to After August

We believe that leaders who are grounded, self-aware and confident lead their organizations - and, more importantly, their lives - with more courage, connection, and joy. We're here to help. 

"The science shows that the secret to high performance isn't our biological drive or our reward-and-punishment drive, but our third drive - our deep-seated desire to direct our own lives, to extend and expand our abilities, and to make a contribution."   - Daniel Pink, Drive 

"To say Carol Fabrizio changed my life would be an understatement.  Although I have known Carol for a number of years professionally her coaching has provided me the container to unearth what has been inside of me my entire life….the ability to create the life that I was meant to have and to edit my story.  She listens with empathy, holds me accountable to my own goals with kindness, and consistently challenges the limitations I have placed on myself.  Carol has helped me re-write my story with purpose and power.  Through my transition out of a 26 year career Carol has held space for tears, laughter, strength, self-reflection, and vulnerable moments of weakness.  I would recommend Carol to coach anyone that is looking to discover what their intuition is telling them and to step into their own power.  Thank you Carol for helping me believe in the life I am walking…no RUNNING….towards." - Dana K.


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